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Terms and conditions

Last updated - 10/07/2017

1. Service provider


  • Official name: JOBX – Olivier Paulus
  • Company number: 0658.931.490
  • Contact details: click here

2. Definitions

  • Platform: All services rendered by JOBX on the Website (www.JOBX.eu)
  • Company: Any entity that engages in any commercial or non-commercial activity and uses the JOBX Platform for different purposes, including but not limited to: recruiting employees and making use of the "sign up – for employers" link in the registration process.
  • Applicant: Every natural person that registers with the purpose of, including but not limited to: finding employment and making use of the "sign up – for job seekers" button in the registration process.
  • Website User: Every person or entity that visits the Website, with or without registration.
  • Platform User: Any Applicant or Company who completes the registration process. They get access to a zone that is only accessible after completing the registration process and can benefit from the full service of JOBX.
  • Information: Any data provided by the Website User, including but not limited to: personal profile information such as any information provided to complete the registration process, name, email, background and preferences, company information, statistics, location and job information.

3. Scope of application

Purpose of JOBX

JOBX offers a Platform which enables job seekers, looking for job opportunities, to connect with potential employers. Registration on our Website permits job seekers and employers to consult our database of Information. The online Platform gives job seekers the opportunity to upload their Information. This allows us to create a uniquely, structured database. Registration is done by clicking the "sign up" for job seekers and/or employers links, filling out the form, providing the necessary Information and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Registration will result in the processing of all Information to create our uniquely, structured database in order to match Applicants with the appropriate Company, and vice versa, according to our specifically designed set of criteria. Any Website User that registers as a Company or an Applicant will have access to certain Information, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

4. Acceptance

By using this Website, you agree with these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. You acknowledge that you are entering a legally binding agreement with JOBX. This agreement is legally binding between the Applicant and JOBX, or between the Company and JOBX. This agreement is legally binding whether or not the Website User is registered.
JOBX reserves the right to revise these conditions at any time and without warning in advance. Any change in the Terms and Conditions will be visible on the Website. You are therefore under the obligation to regularly visit the Terms and Conditions section of the JOBX Website. By further use of the Website you implicitly accept the revised version of the Terms and Conditions. If you do not consent with this agreement, refrain from any further use of the Website and related services and make sure to delete your profile.

5. Termination

The Platform User is free to terminate this agreement at any time by sending a request via the contact page. Termination entails the removal of all Information on the Website in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy. JOBX is allowed to terminate any membership if the Platform User breaches or is at risk of breaching this agreement. Termination never gives any right to a termination fee.

6. Obligations of JOBX

  • The aim of JOBX is to connect Applicants and Companies. JOBX only brings the Applicant and the Company into contact, and is as such no party to any contractual obligation between the Applicant and the Company;
  • JOBX does not guarantee that use of the Service will lead to finding a job;
  • JOBX will do its best efforts to make sure the information displayed on its Website, based on third-party information, will be accurate and correct. Nonetheless, JOBX cannot guarantee this;
  • Any commitment that JOBX enters into constitutes a best-efforts obligation, without guaranteeing a particular result;
  • JOBX will do its best efforts to install appropriate means for the security, safeguarding and reparation of data and Information.

7. Obligations of the Website User

  • The Website User has the obligation to act in good faith and with due diligence;
  • The Website User has the obligation to provide correct, complete and accurate Information on the Platform. The Website User is responsible for all Information he/she provides and all related consequences. JOBX has no obligation to validate any Information nor assumes responsibility for this Information;
  • The Website User refrains from any action that may lead to the disturbance of the functionality of the Website, including but not limited to: viruses, hacking and malware;
  • The Website User will promptly inform JOBX from any misuse of the Platform within his/her knowledge, including but not limited to: fraud, the use of incorrect Information and any behaviour that will result in a distortion of the flawless functioning of the Platform. The Website User himself will, in any case, refrain from such misuse;
  • The full functionality of the Website is only available after complete and correct registration. The Website User agrees to keep all login credentials strictly personal and makes the necessary efforts to create a secure password;
  • The Website User agrees to keep any Information, provided by other Platform Users and/or information provided by JOBX that is not publicly accessible, under strict confidentiality;
  • The Website User is under the obligation to install appropriate means for security such as antivirus software, safeguarding and reparation of data and Information.

8. Modification of Information by JOBX

JOBX reserves the right to update, change and/or correct any Information provided by the Website User on the Platform, in order to assure the quality of the database and the professional image of JOBX. Should any Information provided by the Website User go against the professional image JOBX carries out to the public, JOBX has the right to change, update, correct or completely remove such Information that JOBX finds harmful to their public image. JOBX assumes no accountability of any kind on the accuracy, integrity or truthful representation of reality for any Information provided for by the Website User.

9. Prices

The prices for the delivered services from JOBX are described on the Platform www.jobx.eu, the valid price list can be found on it. Services and/or packages that are not mentioned on the Platform, are subject to individual agreements between JOBX and the Company.

10. Payment

The services and/or packages are only activated after payment. Upon confirming the order, the Company will receive an Order confirmation with the payment details. An invoice will be sent after payment.
All prices are excluding VAT.

11. Disclaimer

Discontinuation and interruptions

JOBX will in no way be held responsible for the discontinuation of the services provided on the Platform. JOBX has, at all times, the choice, for whatever reason, to end any or all activities related to the Platform. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of data and Information, loss of opportunities, loss of revenue, loss of time spent and emotional distress. Should JOBX decide to discontinue any or all services on the Platform, JOBX is no longer under the obligation to store any Information on behalf of the Website User in relation to the discontinued service. Foreseeable and unforeseeable interruptions of service are possible due to the nature of the Internet, software, Internet providers and/or other internal or external factors. JOBX can therefore not guarantee flawless functioning of the Platform at all times.


JOBX is not responsible for the Information published on its Website, and/or any links provided that may lead to website(s) containing wrong or offensive Information. JOBX gives no guarantee for the accuracy or completeness of the Information published on its Platform. Website Users are aware of the fact that Information on the Website, provided by Platform Users, could be incorrect or deceptive, and they are responsible for the consequences caused by the incorrect or deceptive Information on the Platform. JOBX is not responsible for any behaviour of its Website Users and JOBX gives no guarantee for the quality, compatibility or safety of its Website Users.

12. Limitation of liability

JOBX will only be held liable for damages in the case of fraud, intentional error or serious misconduct. JOBX cannot be liable for any other (indirect) damages including but not limited to: loss of a chance, loss of data, loss of customers, loss of image, loss of reputation, third party claims, staff costs, loss of clients or moral damage.

Maximum liability

The maximum contractual and extra-contractual liability of JOBX or its appointed persons, shall at all times be limited to 100 EUR per insurance claim.

Malicious intent

JOBX will never be held accountable for the consequences arising out of the actions of Website Users, third parties, Companies and/or employers thereof performed with malicious intent. Malicious intent is any intent to harm, distort, sabotage or otherwise hamper the flawless functioning of the Platform and the image of JOBX and their Website Users.

13. Indemnification for third party claims

The Website Users hereby agrees to indemnify JOBX for any claim from a third party in any way related to the use of the Platform, Information provided by the Website User or due to any breach of contract. This includes, but is not limited to: legal fees paid on behalf of JOBX. JOBX does not verify the Information given by the Website User, but stresses that it is in breach of this agreement to register any Information that does not truthfully represents reality. The Website User will indemnify JOBX for any claim resulting from the use of inaccurate Information. This includes, but is not limited to, legal fees paid on behalf of JOBX.

14. Force majeure

JOBX will in no way be held responsible for any consequences due to force majeure. Force majeure is defined as any event(s) or circumstance(s) beyond the influence/control of the parties to the agreement, which could not have been expected to have been taken into account and prevent JOBX from fulfilling any, or all, obligation(s) under this contract. Should force majeure, manifest itself, or in the foreseeable case of manifestation in the near future, JOBX has the right to, indefinitely, suspend their operations, partly or as a whole.

15. Intellectual property

The Website contains intellectual property rights, copyright material, trade names and other proprietary rights, including but not limited to: database rights, rights in design, rights in know-how, patents, rights in inventions, logos, images, photos and text. The Website User is owner of any Information that he/she publishes on the Platform, and is only granting JOBX a worldwide, transferable and sublicensable right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, and process this Information and content without any further compensation or consent. The Website User guarantees that he/she is the sole author of the Information he/she provides and is not infringing existing copyright laws. The database is the intellectual property of JOBX, respecting the intellectual property rights of third parties and Companies. Nothing can be reproduced, published, shared, sold or shown without the explicit, anterior and written permission of JOBX.

16. Severability clause

If any of the provisions of these terms and conditions are invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

17. Complaints

Further questions and complaints can be directed towards JOBX via our contact page.

18. Applicable law

Belgian law is applicable on this agreement, without validation of the conflict law thereof. Any dispute about the use of the Platform or this agreement is under the jurisdiction of the Court and Tribunals of Brussels, unless applicable consumer law states otherwise.