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Looking for a technology inspired job in Europe?

Yes? JOBX is the online career platform to bring you, a technologist and job seeker in Europe, as close as possible to your next job. JOBX is specifically designed around your needs: simplicity, privacy and transparency.

What do we offer?

  • Free and unlimited access to JOBX after creating an account.
  • To-the-point profile creation because JOBX’s smart platform understands your CV.
  • Unlimited job search - apply directly or via the employer's site.
  • Intelligent matching of job opportunities to your profile.
  • JOBX won’t take over your inbox with hourly, daily or even weekly mails.

Why should I use JOBX?

Why not? We will never state that you should only use JOBX! We can’t (yet) assure you that all of the jobs in Europe will be available via JOBX, but our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to use JOBX as your favourite job opportunity channel. Take 5 minutes, become a member and start looking for your next job now.

What makes JOBX different?

We want you to be able to find your next job, and not just find the job that has the most views or applicants. All of our job postings are equal: there are no sponsored or advertised jobs. Our algortihm will only look at the content of your CV and the job descriptions to provide you with search and match results.

JOBX has been developed from scratch, taking into account feedback from job seekers and employers alike, resulting in a very efficient and user-friendly platform. Our team makes continuous improvements to provide you with more and better information to find that next dream job.

What is a job seeking technologist?

A technologist is someone who is interested in technology and who would be driven by working in a technological domain. If you are an engineer, software developer, scientist, biologist, chemist, … you will find your next job here. JOBX is open to everyone, regardless of your career level.

Do you still have questions or remarks? Or even better, a suggestion?

Go to our contact page and get in touch with us. Or give us feedback directly.