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Job credits

Each job credit will allow you to publish a job posting for one month. Talents will be able to apply for this job after creating an account on JOBX. Each job posting will also be matched to our Talent database, simplifying your Talent search.

1 Job posting
€ 50
5 Job postings
5% discount,€47.5/job posting
€ 237.5
10 Job postings
10% discount,€45/job posting
€ 450
15 Job postings
15% discount,€42.5/job posting
€ 637.5

Talent database

Search our European Talent database with high potential technologists and find your next Talent yourself! Our Talent database is only time restricted, no search or selection limits.

1 Month
€ 250
3 Months
5% discount,€237.5/month
€ 712.5
6 Months
10% discount,€225/month
€ 1350
12 Months
15% discount,€212.5/month
€ 2550

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More information

JOBX is continuously improving its service portfolio and functionalities. If you have any specific requests or feedback that we should incorporate, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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