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Three benefits to finding your next job on JOBX



JOBX is built around an efficient and effective user experience. Using JOBX to find your next job will be the easiest part of your job search.



JOBX takes your privacy very seriously and allows you to look for your next job in a discrete way without reducing your chances of finding your dream job.



JOBX’s algorithm only takes into account the content of your profile and of the job postings for searching and matching; all job postings and profiles are equal for us.

About us

Our mission is to become the number one choice for job seekers who are looking for a technology driven job in Europe and to be the preferred partner of employers looking for a talent platform focused on quality rather than quantity. We want to facilitate relationship building between talents and recruiters by removing the barriers from classical job boards or professional networks. We strive to be ethical entrepreneurs valuing trust, equality and growth by excellence.

Our vision is that Europe is a great place to work and has the means to be a leading Innovation Union. For this to be possible, we need to find a way to overcome the uncertainties of working in another country/city/culture and leverage on this unique diversity.